About Sarah

Sarah was living at home with parents and younger sister – father very controlling, verbally, emotionally and physically abusive.


The Junction

Name of Client



16 yrs

How she felt

Sarah’s mother suffering with depression & emotionally controlled by her husband

Sarah was low/tearful and her school work was suffering

Sarah’s father was a Police Sergeant and used his power to control and manipulate his family

How we helped

Found alternative accommodation with a friend for Sarah whilst we attempted family mediation to try and resolve the underlying issues within the family relationships.

Supported Sarah in making an Income Support Claim and secured some funding from NDC to help Sarah’s friend’s parents with food/utility costs whilst Sarah stayed with them.

Liaised with Petroc to get financial assistance through the 16-18yr bursary fund and free college breakfasts & lunches.

Arranged three family mediation sessions.

Completed a MASH referral to CYPS – Liaised with CYPS to access S17 funding until her benefits came through.

How that changed her life

We supported Sarah to find private rental accommodation and helped her to set up her housing benefit and lodger’s agreement.

We made a referral to Young Devon’s Counselling service for Sarah.

We supported Sarah in explaining to her parents that she could no longer live at home.

Sarah’s relationship with her parents has become more positive now she is living independently and she does spend time with them outside of home.

Sarah’s is now at University doing a media degree.

Sarah has found a part-time job.

Sarah became an Encompass Volunteer.

I supported Sarah to make an application to the Buttle Trust for financial assistance as she was going to university, she was awarded £1700.

What we learned

Sarah continues to engage with Encompass and outside agencies. She is now fully aware of how and where to access support agencies/services in the future.

Following contact with ESW staff, Sarah’s landlord has signposted a friend to us who wishes to provide assistance to young people and after an initial meeting is currently undergoing the Nightstop referral process.

Due to the nature of this case it was essential that ESW staff conducted the mediation sessions with sensitivity and smart partnership working, due to the position that Sarah’s father held within the local police force.