Encompass Southwest

Changing lives through inclusion

Reducing poverty and


Encompass Southwest is an independent charity that provides a range of advice, information and support services in communities, concentrating on financial inclusion and housing and homelessness.

Our objectives

To develop a network of community based projects across that provide high quality, holistic advice, support and services.
To ensure that our services are accessible, community sensitive, discreet, non-judgemental and free from discrimination.
To work closely with our clients to identify the underlying problems, helping to support the overall aim of our involvement.
To build strong, collaborative partnerships that empower people to bring about positive changes to their lives.
To provide a range of advice and support services, concentrating on financial inclusion and housing and homelessness.
To use our experience, knowledge and social policy information to inform about the effects of poverty and homelessness.

Our projects

Rural Outreach

Providing support, guidance and advice to individuals who can’t easily access services in larger communities.

Rough Sleepers

Engaging individuals to help them off the streets and link them into local services.

Gateway Diner

Providing hot food, food parcels clothes, sleeping bags, blankets, and tents.

Our investors